Master the HSPT® and Unlock Your Potential.

Student Achievement Associates prepares your child to master the High School Placement Test. Live courses delivered online to fit any schedule. Courses run in the summer, through the fall, and all-day Saturdays as students get closer to their test date. 

All Summer, Fall, and Boot Camp courses reached capacity in 2023. 

HSPT Prep registration for  the Summer and Fall programs is now open!

If families would like to be on the distribution list to be alerted when registration opens for other programs (In-person and Saturday Boot Camps), please email Eric Watts at

Education for Everyone

Emphasis on The Five Sections



Assesses a student’s ability to read passages and exhibit comprehension of ideas, themes, tone, and the author’s intent.



Language Learning

Assesses a student’s knowledge of grammar and writing mechanics.



Assesses a student’s ability to answer questions regarding middle school-level arithmetic, algebra, and geometry appropriate to eighth grade students.



Verbal Skills

Assesses a student’s ability to answer verbal analogy, synonym, logic, verbal classification, and antonym questions.



Quantitative Skills

Assesses a student’s ability to answer number series, geometric comparison, non-geometric comparison, and number manipulation questions.

About the Teacher

Who teaches this?

HSPT Prep Instructors are highly skilled teachers who have a wealth of experience in preparing students for the High School Placement Test. On average, these instructors have 15 years of experience in test preparation, which makes them well-equipped to provide comprehensive and effective instruction to students.

All HSPT Prep Instructors have experience in test preparation and are certified to teach in either English or Math Instruction. This ensures that they have a deep understanding of the subject matter and can effectively communicate complex concepts to students.

How It Works

What Is Included in the HSPT® Prep Program?


Live and interactive lessons delivered online and taught by experienced educators.


Two different teachers; one who specializes in English Language Arts (ELA) and one who specializes in Math.


A Math teacher who will focus on the Mathematics and Quantitative Skills sections.


Recorded sessions in case a student is unable to attend the live class.


Sections of students organized by current Math class (e.g., Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry).


An ELA teacher who will focus on the Reading, Language, and Verbal Skills sections.


Small classes capped at 20 students


Homework assignments in between class meetings.


Opportunities for students to ask questions during and in-between classes.

Why Prep With Us?

Benefits of Taking Our HSPT® Courses

Live Instructors

Get life guidance for your future career and job of choice.

Interactive Courses

Learn with real situations and practical exercises.

HSPT Insight

Get your questions answered and help others in the group.

Parent Resources

Study at your own pace – when and where you want to.